Sterling Silver Comedy TragedyMask Tie Bar Cufflinks Set Mid Century

$49.50 $66.00

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Mid Century Modern Silver Cufflinks Tie Bar Set
Comedy and Tragedy Masks
Vintage Tie Bar, Cuff Link Set
Large 3D Design Happy Sad
SAG, Actors Gift, thespians

Great red carpet or opening night present
Wear this stylish swag at the Oscars or Emmy Awards or For Your Premiere. This is a fine gift for a theater performer or fan
This is additionally an excellent choice for Prom or for a Groom on his wedding day. Great gift for a Groomsman, for a collector, for an Anniversary present or for a Christmas treasure, a Valentines Day gift or Father’s Day present.

All Abington Haberdashery Vintage merchandise comes in an attractive gift box.

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